Thursday, April 2, 2009

1. Introduction: Lose-Weight--Naturally With Strong Digestion

If you want to lose weight naturally, start with developing a strong digestive system. It's easy to do and doesn't cost anything. You just have to adopt a few simple lifestyle changes and you will find yourself losing fat effortlessly.

I'm going to talk about several different ways to improve your digestion based on an ancient health system called Ayurveda.

According to legend, Ayurveda was given to humanity by the "Sun God" many thousands of years ago. All indigenous cultures around the world use Ayurveda but it has been formally maintained in India through the centuries. Initially, the knowledge was passed down from father to son in an apprenticeship type of format. About 5,000 years ago people started writing down the knowledge in books. Today, in India, students attend universities to get a degree in Western medicine and then they specialize in Ayurveda for another three years.

According to Ayurveda a strong digestive system is the secret to preventing and curing most diseases, so they have spent a lot of time studying how to do it well.

For the purposes of this blog I will talk about how you can lose weight without drugs, naturally.

I invite you to try out these techniques and then come back and leave a comment on how it worked for you. If you had success it will inspire others to be healthier. If you didn't find success, I may be able to tweak the technique with additional knowledge so it works better.

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If you try out the suggestions in this article let everyone know what happened by writing your comments here. It will inspire others to lose weight and live a healthier, happier life.