Thursday, April 9, 2009

5. How To Stop Craving Sweet, Sour, Salty Foods

Cravings for food can throw any diet discipline off the rails. Ayurveda provides an easy, practical way to stop cravings and lose weight.

The previous article talked about how cravings are a sign of nutritional deficiency, according to Ayurveda. Every taste you crave is associated with a certain group of foods. You can substitute a craving for fattening foods with healthy foods from the same group. This will eliminate your cravings and help you lose weight by controlling your diet in an enjoyable way.

Ayurveda believes you should enjoy your life. All the foods in a group will provide the nourishment your body needs to satisfy the craving. You will find many delicious choices to substitute for unhealthy cravings in the list below.

I'll cover cravings for the six tastes in three different articles. If you find yourself craving sweet, sour or salty foods, the list below will show you which foods you can use as a substitute and which ones to avoid:


  • Heavy, warm, cooked
    Sweet, sour, salty foods

  • Larger portions are okay as long as you don't overeat

  • All dairy is okay

  • All sweeteners are okay in moderation

  • All oils are okay

  • Grains: Rice, wheat, cooked oats

  • Sweet, sour and juicy fruits: avocado, banana, berry, cherry, grape, mango, melon, orange, peaches, plum, pineapple

  • Most vegetables in moderation when cooked, especially: Asparagus, beet, carrot, green beans, okra, sweet potato

  • Sweet, heating spices are best, other spices in moderation

  • All nuts are okay, almonds are especially good

  • Garbanzos, red lentils, mung beans, tofu

  • Chicken, turkey, seafood

  • Light, cold, dry, raw foods

  • Bitter, pungent, astringent
  • Grains: Barley, corn, millet, rye

  • Light, dry fruits: apple, cranberry, dried fruits, pears, pomegranate

  • Uncooked vegetables, cabbage, sprouts

  • Large quantities of bitter, pungent or astringent spices: chili, coriander, fenugeek, parsley, saffron, turmeric

  • All other beans except those listed

  • Red meat


  1. why are you against raw foods???

  2. Raw foods are harder to digest. When food is not completely digested, according to Ayurveda, a substance called 'ama' is produced. Ama is a yellow, sticky substance that clogs up energy channels. This causes many different problems/illnesses.

    When food is completely digested, the body is able to use the nutrients in the food. If the food can't be fully digested, first of all the nutrients are not delivered to the body, and second, it causes illnesses.

    Ayurveda also says that when food is completely digested a substance called 'ojas' is created. Ojas is the 'glow' that healthy people have. Ojas creates happiness, sharpness of the mind and success in life.


If you try out the suggestions in this article let everyone know what happened by writing your comments here. It will inspire others to lose weight and live a healthier, happier life.