Wednesday, April 29, 2009

12. A Funny Way To Lose Weight That Really Works!

Who says losing weight can't be fun? Here's a Yoga exercise that many claim has been the secret of their success to lose weight. It is also supposed to be very good for the heart and all the major organs in the body.

Now, I'd say "don't laugh", but then you wouldn't be able to do the exercise.

Believe it or not people are actually doing this. I've seen people do this in groups because they don't want to look silly doing it by themselves.

What I would do is lock myself in a room where no one can hear me to do this exercise but as in all Yoga exercises, they recommend you do this outdoors.

Exercising in the fresh, outdoor air is the only setting recommended by Ayurveda. This is because the outside air has a lot of "Prana" energy in it. Prana means life-force. The Chinese call it Chi energy.

Vaidya Mishra, an Ayurvedic physician and a Western medical doctor, has done some experiments on Prana Shakti (Prana energy). He has found that in certain places there is a lot more Prana than in others. There is a great, detailed explanation of Prana energy and how it relates to the body, in scientific terms here: Ayurveda And Prana.

Dr. Mishra was doing some consultations in New York and noticed that the people he was seeing had a really low level of Prana Shakti in them. Dr. Mishra has related Prana levels in the air with PH levels in the body. He was noticing high alkaline levels in his patients which indicates a low level of Prana in the heart to head area.

Later on, he was in one of the outlying areas of the city and he noticed that the people there didn't have low Prana type of problems.

After several such instances, Dr. Mishra determined that there is far more Prana in the air where you have lots of trees and water bodies. So, even though Ayurveda says to exercise outside, if you live in an area where there isn't a significant presence of "nature", exercise won't be very effective for you outside. Since there isn't a lot of Prana indoors anyway, you'll have to do the best you can. (I would move).

So! In an ideal situation, you would do this exercise outdoors in a park where there are a lot of trees, early in the morning.

Here's the's simple:

What you do is throw your arms up in the air repeatedly and start laughing with a loud HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! As you are laughing you should clap your hands with the fingers outstretched so you stimulate as many pressure points as possible. The recommendation is to do this for five to fifteen minutes.

Yes, they have done scientific research on this. It does help make the heart stronger. Since you are throwing your hands in the air and laughing loudly you are taking in a lot more air so it makes your lungs stronger. More air intake means you are absorbing more Prana energy so you will find that your mind stays sharper throughout the day. Clapping is good for the health because it massages the pressure points in your hands.

You will lose weight because despite how it sounds, you really are getting a good aerobic workout.

This exercise is said to releive depression symptoms. If you do it regularly, early in the morning, on an empty stomach, in a high Prana environment you will start to have experiences of bliss throughout the day.

Actually, there is a growing practice in the UK called Laughology. I think it's kind of funny, but some people are really serious about it...look it up on Google!

If you try this exercise I would like to hear about it. Just leave a comment below so we can all share in your "happiness".

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