Wednesday, May 6, 2009

13. How To Stop Overeating Naturally

You can stop overeating by following some simple tips, according to Ayurveda. You don't need to force yourself to stay hungry or even dissatisfied with your meals. As usual, Ayurveda makes it easy and enjoyable to stop overeating.

The basic idea behind over doing anything is that you have something inside that remains dissatisfied. Overeating is just another way we get involved in compulsive behaviors when we don't know how to be happy.

Ayurveda teaches that you should be in touch with yourself. The way to do that is to follow the recommendations in this article on How To Lose Weight By Controlling How Much You Eat.

Once you have some practice in being in touch with yourself you will get to know which tastes you are craving. The way stop overeating based on your cravings is to follow the diet suggestions in these articles: How To Lose Weight By Reducing Cravings, How To Stop Cravings For Sweet Sour And Salty Foods,How To Stop Cravings For Sweet Bitter And Astringent Foods, and How To Stop Craving Pungent, Bitter And Astringent Foods.

What happens is that despite following the suggestions in the above articles you may have a compulsive urge to overeat. What you need in this case is some drastic action...the Ayurvedic way.

The drastic action is to have a little bit of sweet food just prior to your meal. I'm not saying that you eat dessert first. I'm saying to eat just a little bit of the dessert before your meal.

When we are really hungry and our mind-body is out of balance our emotions become dominant. They overpower our rational self which is willing to eat to 80% of your capacity and follow the signals your body is giving you. According to Ayurveda, the sweet taste has the ability to provide a sense of fulfillment. The sweet taste satisfies our emotions.

When our emotions have been satisfied, the intensity toward eating is reduced. This allows you to be in touch with the sight, smells, tastes and textures you are enjoying during eating. Paying attention to the enjoyment of your senses allows results in a greater sense of fulfillment from eating.

What you are actually craving when you overeat is physical and emotional fulfillment. By starting your meal with a small amount of sweet food while following the suggestions in the articles above you will be able to stop overeating.

Just think about how beautiful Ayurveda makes your life: You lose weight by experiencing more enjoyment from your food. You settle down your emotional imbalance so you have greater peacefullness within yourself. By making a habit of following the advice of your own mind and body you become healthy...naturally!

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